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Keeping Up with the Latest in Modern Dentistry

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Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, and that makes it important for us to stay informed of the latest developments, be it new treatment techniques or changes in the way that we diagnose dental issues. Dr. Patel takes not of new technology that makes our patients’ visits more efficient and comfortable, and he takes steps to incorporate into our dental office. You can experience these advancements firsthand by calling and scheduling an appointment.

Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

  • Safe All-Digital Dental X-Rays
  • Intraoral Cameras for Better Communication
  • Quick, Reliable Diagnoses

Intraoral Cameras

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If you want to stay engaged with your own dental care, naturally you need to be able to stay informed about what’s going on inside your mouth. With our intraoral camera, we can take a number of high-quality images that highlight the current condition of your teeth and gums so that we can clearly explain our diagnoses and show exactly why certain treatments might need to be performed to deal with a current problem or prevent a future one.

All-Digital X-Rays

Dental team member capturing digital x-rays

Digital X-rays have been adopted by many dental offices across the country because they’re much safer than traditional X-rays. They don’t call for hazardous chemicals to develop them, and they produce around 85% less radiation than regular X-rays. The images they produce are very clear and highly detailed, allowing us to pinpoint problem areas in much less time and keep track of any developments in your jawbone so that we can act quickly if there’s a problem.

CBCT Scanner

dentist using CBCT scanner with patient

While a regular dental X-ray is excellent if we need to get a closer look at a few teeth, our CBCT scanner allows us to see all of your dental anatomy in a single image. It captures images from multiple angles and pieces them together to create a 3D model that includes both rows of teeth, the upper and lower jaws, and many adjacent structures. This helps us see the big picture when it comes to your oral health as well as focus on small details. We can use it to establish a baseline when you come to see us for the first time, or it can enable Dr. Patel to better plan and personalize more advanced procedures (like dental implant placement).

Intraoral Scanner

dental assistant using intraoral scanner

Before we give someone a denture, veneer, or crown, we need to take an impression of their bite to ensure it will fit and look perfectly. In the past, this meant the patient would need to bite into a mold filled with messy, odd-tasting dental putty to create a physical model. Now, we can simply scan the mouth in a matter of minutes to generate a perfect digital recreation of the teeth. It’s faster, more comfortable, more accurate, and doesn’t make a mess like the old way, saving time for both you and our team.